For suicidal social media users, groups throw out online lifelines - Dallas Morning News

On the particular foundation's website,, that they wrote which websites should be necessary in order to maintain safe and also sound environments, just just like restaurants along with schools.

"What anyone truly value using mental wellness is actually what type of body's integrating using society," he said. If your social media account says some thing concerning being lonely, that's OK since every person will get lonely,'" he said.

For 1 study, his team partnered using the Department involving Defense. "We try to get them just about all talking so we can spread expertise as rapidly as it develops," Foreman said.

The Walkers get come up with Sadie Walker Foundation, an effort to coach young adults about the dangers of social media. Thus utilizing computers to maintain an eye about issues could open up a large quantity of possibilities throughout mental health, he said.

One of the clinicians upon #SPSM is actually Dr. "There were times when I didn't treatment if I woke up."

"This happened really fast," David Walker said. His team in Qntfy will be working on the project that will keeps track of specific patients' social media activity. He has a quantity of studies underway around the relationship among social media along with suicide prevention.. "We can potentially understand how folks are considering and feeling in a method that wasn't feasible before."

Keeping clinicians informed will be important, he said, since these are ones which choose which treatment options for you to use. "Once your chance of suicide as well as self-harm may be identified, there may be only 1 response: Speak having a grown-up."

"I turned to alcohol as well as drugs, along with I ended up being very reckless inside my addiction," the girl said. Clinicians can keep track of their own patients between office visits.

"When people are submitting on the particular internet -- just what they're pondering and also feeling or even carrying out -- you're receiving the snapshot into their internal mental state," he said. Since a teenager along with small adult, Caudle had been reluctant to become able to emerge as a lesbian. Nevertheless inside the process, the lady was exposed to a negative environment as well as became overwhelmed.

"I hear a lot with regards to bullying, however I listen to a great deal a lot more concerning the advantages of social media," Rowe said.

Coppersmith's team may gather information from a person's social media activity and also distill it right in to a touch regarding relevant data, he said. The Girl knew she needed to get off the front lines, consequently your woman found a position within education and learning with the suicide prevention foundation. It has been packed with messages about self-harm.

The patients additionally track workout routines and also meals. "So the entire idea is to adopt lots of data and also allow it to be useful to empower the actual clinician, so which they tend to be much better informed."

"Did that they talk in numerous ways? did these people submit various kinds of pictures? Do these people behave in numerous ways in these sites?" Bryan said. Dr. Inside scenarios such as this, the lack of suicide prevention efforts on the actual internet could be glaring.

How social media along with suicide prevention will eventually merge on a large scale isn't clear yet. "The preliminary results say that, yes, you are usually in the position to distinguish them."

Researchers could carry out studies using public information through social media.

"You can't defuse a new bomb simply by retweeting an image. "This happened over your course of 3 or four weeks."

Shelby Rowe is the manager involving training programs in the American Groundwork with regard to Suicide Prevention. Craig Bryan, executive director of the National center regarding Veterans Studies as well as assistant professor regarding psychology in the University Or College associated with Utah. Jill Harkavy-Friedman, vice president involving study in the American foundation with regard to Suicide Prevention, mentioned she's seen an elevated curiosity about social media study in the last few years.

Signs in social media

David as well as Norma Walker, Sadie's parents, had been unaware of Sadie's online activity. They Will advised the Walkers that Sadie joined his or her online community simply because the lady has been trying to support as well as convenience them. These People sought out the woman's on-line friends, hoping to understand what had happened.

Others hope to use social media to aid patients. after reducing the data, your team develops plots that report what sort of patient is doing over time.

But researchers along with clinicians are nonetheless figuring social media out. Anyone can't perform virtual CPR in order for you to save heart disease victim," that they wrote. Your Ex profession as well as marriage were falling apart. April Foreman, suicide prevention coordinator for the Southwest Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System, stated conventional suicide prevention study techniques don't function since social media changes as well fast. A Person were built using a beer, that you never do each along with every Friday, so we'll keep a watch on that. Today the girl speaks with higher schools as well as with secondary school counselors.

The a lot more we make it OK to talk about, the particular better, the girl said. They're nevertheless within the development phase, however they have clinical trials planned for the finish in the year.

"We can say, 'Gee, it looks like an typical day to your step count. but there's too much information upon social media regarding these phones sift through.

Spreading expertise online

Caudle didn't use social media when the girl was younger yet thinks it could have helped the girl if the girl had.

Sadie's social media neighborhood reinforced her negative feelings. using publicly obtainable content material from Twitter as well as Facebook, they analyzed the particular posts associated with veterans who killed themselves.

At the actual time, the girl worked answering calls with a crisis center. The Lady felt like the girl ended up being living a double life.

But suicide prevention is actually changing -- as well as advancing into the Digital Age.

She believes your possible once as well as pertaining to all outweighs the bad.

On #SPSM, information scientists, clinicians, law enforcement officers, primary care doctors as well as suicide try survivors may communicate. The Particular team is on a summer hiatus now, however for several years, each and every Sunday night, Foreman offers gathered experts in the moderated Twitter chat.

Suicide prevention researchers make an application for funding in the foundation, your woman said, and also lately some get proposed studies on subjects from making use of social media to identify possible cases to higher comprehending what signs look like online.

She mentioned counselors tell the girl concerning the negative outcomes of social media about students' mental health.

For Sadie Walker, sufficient safeguards in social media could have developed a difference, your ex father said. "People were attempting to help, but they kept saying, 'Come on, Shelby, it's only a divorce, get over it,'" the girl said.

Small signals might not necessarily be alarming in their own own. Using everything together, Coppersmith said, his team could piece together an image in the patient's life.

"We've expended any large amount of time constructing out the analytics on the again end," he said. she personally provides attempted suicide twice, most recently in 2010. Then they offer Coppersmith's team usage of that information. "What quantifiable indicators inside social media are generally relevant, along with how can we use these to inform clinical practice?"


The buddies were also suicidal. By Simply some time experts could publish, their own work is outdated.

Social media websites for example Facebook and Instagram have built mechanisms within their websites allowing users in order to flag their friends' posts as alarming.

Jessica Caudle, 33, regarding Mansfield is yet another survivor. A Person did a workout today, which you do each as well as every Friday. Simply Because the greater we discuss it, the simpler it's to discover help.

Bryan hopes his center's analysis will identify early signals and also ensure it is feasible to use social media for connecting individuals with help.

On Christmas Day last year, Sadie Walker, 15, associated with Garland killed herself. Later, your ex mothers as well as fathers discovered her Instagram account. but numerous suicide try survivors accept will be as true could have assisted them, along with will help others.

Another contributor to end up being able to #SPSM will be Glen Coppersmith, founder along with CEO regarding Qntfy (pronounced "quantify"), an organization that will aims to offer mental medical researchers along with insight beyond what they can get from a regular appointment.

Hoping for you to solve this, Foreman co-founded #SPSM (Suicide Prevention along with Social Media), an internet community pertaining to suicide and also crisis prevention experts. "It was a negative situation, but it was preventable," he said.

Coppersmith is actually a data scientist with a track record in pc science as well as psychology


New marker honors Harlem Renaissance writer - Silver City Sun-News

Randal Seyler is available in 575-538-5893 (ext. The Particular most famous involving the girl early stories can be "The little Grey House," which in turn appeared throughout 1922. her achievements are actually honored with a" border="0"/>

Anita Scott Coleman, among your lesser known Harlem Renaissance writers, has been raised as well as educated in Silver City.

The Harlem Renaissance is actually typically considered to possess spanned through with regards to 1918 until the particular mid-1930s, yet many of its tips lived about significantly longer. The Actual essay demonstrated Coleman's love regarding a brief history as well as culture of the Southwest.

A children's book, "The Vocal Bells," had been published posthumously within 1961. @SCSunNews about Twitter

Much regarding Coleman's creating centered about the Southwest.

Coleman's teaching profession ended throughout 1916 when your woman married James Harold Coleman, a new printer and photographer born throughout Virginia. The Lady matriculated from New Mexico Teachers college inside Silver City, and taught school.

The Harlem Renaissance was obviously a movement that will spanned the actual 1920s, and also describes the cultural, social, along with artistic explosion which took invest Harlem, New York.

While living in Los Angeles, Coleman raised 4 children, ran the boarding house, as well as revealed your ex most sophisticated stories between 1926 as well as 1933.. Though she by zero means resided throughout Harlem, the lady epitomized the actual objectives of its writers, based on The Woman's achievements are now honored having a historical marker in downtown Silver City. In the Program Of the actual time, it absolutely was known as the "New Negro Movement," named following your 1925 anthology by simply Alain Locke, according towards the website,

In "The little Grey House," Coleman describes the actual accessibility to home ownership regarding southwestern African Americans, in accordance with

In 1926, Coleman gone to call home in Los Angeles to participate the girl husband, James, that choose to go to the coast for work in 1924. Right After your ex father retired, the actual loved ones gone to live in New Mexico, exactly where they will had a ranch near Silver City. Courtesy Photo

The lead character inside "Bambino Grimke" is a jazz band manager in Los Angeles.

The story "El Tisico" draws coming from Coleman's Afro-Latino cultural heritage and also your ex knowledge in the Southwest along with regarding Mexico.

By Randal Seyler

Among those stories were your ex most famous stories, "The Brat" along with "Three Dogs and a Rabbit."

She also wrote an essay "Arizona along with New Mexico -- your Property regarding Esperanza," solicited for that series, "These 'Colored' United States" simply by the Messenger magazine. Your Woman began writing, and published the woman's earliest works, 13 brief stories, inside New Mexico in between 1919 along with 1925.

Coleman is actually a relatively unidentified yet important western contributor towards the Harlem Renaissance, according towards the website, her father was a Buffalo Soldier stationed near Fort Elliott, Texas. Within 1948, your woman printed any volume of poetry, "Reason with regard to Singing."

Coleman became a new revealed writer, publishing a lot a lot more than 30 brief stories as the Harlem Renaissance emerged.

SILVER CITY >> A New new historic marker in the corner associated with Hudson as well as Broadway streets pays tribute to Silver city native Anita Scott Coleman, an African-American author and an crucial contributor for the Harlem Renaissance. 5803).

The marker will be section of the New Mexico Historic Women's Marker Initiative, which in turn ended up being founded inside 2005 as part of a statewide effort to be able to recognize women's contributions to end up being able to New Mexico history.

Coleman died inside relative obscurity throughout Los Angeles inside 1960, however the girl writing reminds us that the Harlem Literary Renaissance has been national in its scope and impact, the site states.

Coleman took any seven-year break coming from writing, nevertheless returned to become able to composing within the early forties, publishing at least five much more stories, according to the website.

The marker recognizes Coleman, born in 1890 inside Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, the daughter associated with William Henry and Mary Ann Scott. The Particular project was funded inside 2006 through the state Legislature.

Anita Scott Coleman, among the actual lesser recognized Harlem Renaissance writers, was raised along with educated throughout Silver City<br><br> </body> </html>

Purpose of Pope's visit to US is not to 'criticise' says ambassador to the ... - Catholic Herald Online

He is actually exactly what you'll expect a pope to always be able to be: He can be deeply prayerful; deeply thoughtful; he's engaged about globe issues, yet often from the point associated with look at the least of us.

US President Barack Obama as well as Cuban President Raul Castro possess credited Pope Francis as well as the Vatican together with helping these people ease tensions as well as transfer towards the particular restoration associated with normal relations.

"So I think which what he has said within regards to changing our lifestyle so that we can reside in different ways, throughout methods will become more harmonious with our environment, that will we can engage in a deeper a feeling of solidarity along with compassion using those that get less - I believe he'll challenge us to always be able to step-up because way.

"I feel he's coming for you to shore up. "Our Secret Services apparatus is the greatest in the world. I am any individual associated with hope, but I'm paid out to become able to speculate.

"Pope Francis walks the particular walk as well as talks the actual talk.

Ken Hackett, the particular ambassador believes that the pontiff's aims are to challenge the actual country's individuals to live up to his or her ideals.

Pope Francis isn't journeying towards the United States Involving America in September in order to scold anybody the actual US ambassador towards the Holy Discover features said.

Pope Francis will leave the Vatican on September 19, paying 3 times inside Cuba prior to flying to the United States. "I think it may be an instant associated with healing, an instant where he can easily contact attention to the excellent items that are generally taking place and maybe onsite visit a couple of of the things that require being improved."

Both St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI spoke strongly against legalised abortion when they visited the particular United States. Yet he won't hesitate coming from speaking out with regards to some involving the problems he feels passionately about."

Lower approval ratings or not, your ambassador believes that "when Americans observe Pope Francis reaching out at your rear of the actual Secret Support guys in order to embrace the youngsters and the elderly then they'll enjoy him even more."

At the same occasion he argued for the total freedom with the Catholic Church throughout Cuba to always be able to preach your Gospel as well as minister to the poor.

He said: "I bet he has certainly not read your survey plus it just doesn't matter.

Mr Hackett said: "There are your type in the Usa who does such as our political candidates to handle a number of issues that would be really near to Pope Francis: (for example) poverty in the United States, poverty around the world, migration."

Poverty, immigration, climate change, inclusion as well as respect pertaining to human dignity as well as human life tend to be regularly around the Pope's agenda.

While Pope Francis doesn't shy away from condemning abortion, the ambassador said he is not specific your pope will address abortion in the same way as his predecessors would although visiting the United States.

These are usually conditions that might be on the nation's political agenda as it gears up for your 2016 presidential primaries, which usually begin five several weeks after Pope Francis visits.

"Pope Francis walks the walk along with talks the actual talk" says US ambassador towards the Holy see [PA]


The pontiff's choice for you to fly for you to Cuba before likely onto Washington is a choice your Obama administration features welcomed.

A current Gallup survey showed Pope Francis' popularity declining among Americans, yet Mr Hackett is actually convinced it is not associated with virtually any importance to the pope.

"We're a new nation regarding great accomplishments, of people regarding imagination along with compassion. That is an issue involving grave concern for the Catholic Church then one that will became any topic of great debate inside late July along with early August after the discharge of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the utilization and also sale regarding foetal tissues from abortions.

Asked what problems he thinks the pontiff will challenge Americans on, the actual ambassador replied, "You could hope and an individual also can easily speculate. I think Americans and individuals worldwide recognise that."

He denounced ideological methods which offend the actual transcendent dignity associated with a person's person.. He will push us to complete even more."

Mr Hackett said. He speaks from his coronary heart and which he speaks using believed with regards to issues he believes passionately on, whether it's politically suitable or not.

In the 1998 booklet of reflections on the speeches and also homilies St John Paul made in the course of his historic trip to Cuba a couple of a few months earlier Francis argued that any sincere and also honest dialogue would advantage each the actual US and Cuba.

"Pope Francis walks the particular walk and also talks the talk" says US ambassador towards the Holy Notice [PA]

Ken Hackett asserted Pope Francis will challenge Americans for you to surpass their own ideals

Asked if the Secret Services would have the same, the actual ambassador said the long technique of careful planning offers gone into the Pope's visit. I believe Pope Francis will contact Americans to that will particular greatness. they are already planning regarding this visit for any extended time, along with I feel they're ready for Pope Francis."

Yesterday he said, "I don't consider he's coming for the united States for you to antagonise, to criticise, to be able to on-site visit people.

The timing associated with Pope Francis' visit for the United States, September 22-27, is actually "kind of serendipitous, however, you use serendipity in that you can," Mr Hackett said.

By raising these issues, the actual Pope will "kind of drop them to the political discussion," your ambassador said. Within my a pair of years of reasonably close watching of Pope Francis, that's not where he is


Woman, children seek refuge from ICE in Gwinnett church - WSB Atlanta

and/or to seek asylum beneath current immigration law. the U.S. Catholic Bishops do not necessarily condone unlawful entry or perhaps circumventions in our nation's immigration laws."

Federal authorities say a female and the girl kid who're hiding out inside a new Lilburn church for you to steer clear of deportation must return home to be able to El Salvador.

The pregnant Gwinnett County mother has taken refuge inside Our Lady of the America's Mission.   

Church leaders issued the actual following statement Tuesday:

U.S. We recommend immigrants seek legal counsel to discover if they've got indicates for you to stay inside the U.S. Our Lady of the Americas Mission will offer help for the extent that regulations as well as their restricted resources allow, mindful the Mission is actually not just a long-term solution. Immigration along with Customs Enforcement's policy says the actual agency generally doesn't pursue individuals within sensitive places such as churches unless there are special circumstances, such as public safety threats. 

"To the particular best in our knowledge, this truly is the first period someone features attempted to become able to declare sanctuary throughout certainly one of our Catholic churches. she as well as your ex a couple of kids have been living in a little room in the church's balcony since Friday night, hiding out via immigration agents.

The head in the Georgia Latino Alliance pertaining to Human rights stopped by Tuesday, seeking to carry the woman's case national attention..  

"Her case can be just like countless thousands of Latino immigrants here within the United States," mentioned Delina Nicholls.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. Yet, when the loss of those rights compels individuals for you to migrate with other lands, we should welcome them, protect these along with generously reveal our bounty using them. Jurado stated she left El Salvador since any gang extorted money from the woman's there.

Catholic teaching provides extended supported the principle that each individual provides the proper to call home within his or even her homeland throughout safety and dignity with possibilities regarding work. Based about Scriptural and also Catholic social teachings, as well as her own encounter as an immigrant Church inside the United States, the actual Catholic Church is compelled for you to raise your ex voice in behalf involving those that are marginalized. --

"The physician can be going to arrive here to take care of us," your woman advised Thomas.

Jurado says your woman doesn't recognize the length involving time she'll remain at the church.

The church issued its 1st statement Tuesday, indicating that the pseudo-standoff can't go on forever.

"My kids are always wanting to tell me to always be able to go out, to come back home, and also I must explain in his or her mind I can't do it right now," Claudia Jurado told Channel 2's Tony Thomas.

The Catholic Church is constantly about the advocate with regard to reform regarding present immigration law. Immigration and also customs enforcement officials say Jurado provides broken the law but, as a matter of policy, won't type in a new church to take the woman's into custody.

Supporters are bringing Jurado meals along with supplies

Federal authorities ordered Jurado deported final Friday, nevertheless the girl says your woman fears gangs will kill the woman's if the girl goes back, thus the girl cut off the woman's monitoring bracelet as well as sought sanctuary within the church


Whiting: Fountain Valley, a nice place to live - OCRegister

Like many town managers, he explains that will thanks to voter-approved Measure M funds, "Our streets are in great shape."

An active guy, Hall also can be aware the particular river trail is surely an underutilized useful resource regarding recreation. Nearby, a pair of teenagers pedal the yellow plastic boat across any placid pond.

That would be the space exactly where mild industrial morphs in in order to the Orange County Sanitation District.

He notes the actual city's neighborhood college, Coastline, is truly a pioneer within online learning. Pertaining To context, he notes neighboring Huntington Beach can be 3 times larger than Fountain Valley and has greater than 3 times the actual population. Mile Square Park, operate mostly by the county, uses reclaimed water.

Contact the writer:


As by incorporating other cities, Hall admits Fountain Valley can be a bedroom neighborhood without having the there, there. and he points out that Fountain Valley will be house towards the globe headquarters for chipmaker Kingston Technology, and also national headquarters regarding chipmaker D-Link Corp., also as for Hyundai Motor America.. Fountain Valley, Hall reports, throughout impact were needed to return $40 million towards the state.

If you walk, operate or perhaps cycle within North County, chances are you occasionally discover youself for you to be on the Santa Ana River trail. along using looking just such as a giant X coming from higher than where river along with freeway intersect, the region includes such significant thoroughfares as Euclid Street and also MacArthur Boulevard, which in turn gets to be Talbert avenue in Fountain Valley.

When my children were method younger, your Boy Scout Scout-O-Rama had been within the park along with I instantly fell throughout enjoy with the green oasis surrounded by homes, shops, schools and restaurants. yet Huntington Beach just had to give up $8 million throughout redevelopment funds.

Under a huge metal canopy in Fountain Valley's Mile Square Regional Park, daughters, mothers, fathers, sons trade "Hunger Games" secrets with regards to how you can sling arrows into red bull's-eyes.

The town manager pulls out a new photo associated with opening ceremonies with regard to last week's Unique Olympics world Games. This lacks a central place exactly where residents can gather - cross paths, if you will - for any easy night around the town. Exactly.

Even better, Hall says that the city's infrastructure can be relatively solid. Crossings, he predicts, will consist of townhomes along with condos that may bring in younger families. Nevertheless it will be the archery range and its 2 dozen targets that will pulls me.

Why Crossings? in part, since that's just what the area will be - crossings. Sure, there's boating, cycling, golfing, fishing. Furthermore, it indicates you understand your concrete culvert close to I-405 seems like neither trail nor river.

Along with fantastic streets, Hall boasts your metropolis provides 2 strong health-related centers: Fountain Valley Regional, along with 400 beds, along with Orange Coast Memorial, along with 230 beds.

We are taught to save. Along With that means you are intimately knowledgeable about Fountain Valley's eastern border. However sometimes that can backfire.

But the greater I talk to Hall, the greater I discover there is a lot more for you to Fountain Valley. "I want to create one thing Fountain Valley scale," he says. Hall smiles. I contact the actual center, practically within the center associated with this metropolis that's diagonally bifurcated from the 405 freeway, the particular town's heart.

But Hall can be proudest involving what he calls the particular local "spirit regarding volunteerism," which in turn he says permeates your city. Furthermore, it questioned for the funds back.

"It hit us really tough throughout the recession," he acknowledges. The Particular sound reminds me involving Hall's optimism regarding his city as well as becoming a quote coming from "The Hunger Games."

But creating Crossings will most likely be a new challenge, specifically using the death involving redevelopment funds.

"May the chances be ever in your favor."

But inside a range of years, most of the region is expected to transform. and the actual park has an array of soccer, baseball as well as softball fields. As Well As inside the close to future, your city will provide you even more.

A stroll by means of this, yes, mile-square park, rapidly reminds why Fountain Valley can be one of the actual luckiest regarding Orange County cities. Crossings should produce in which experience.

We fall in to a dialogue about how precisely our adult youngsters likely will have difficulty affording a house inside the county where that they grew up. Fountain Valley volunteered to be the host city and were built along with a large existence at the celebration.

Yet Fountain Valley's spirit is simply certainly 1 of your items that Hall believes guarantees the particular area's continued success. "Not per day goes simply by in which I'm not impressed through the coronary heart of people."

A teenager girl's arrows produce a thwack because they find their mark. As Well As it has $30 million in cash reserves.

But Hall says which nearby storm pumps tend to be a lot a lot more than a half-century old and require updating. Although your sanitation district south involving I-405 will remain, the location north of the freeway is actually slated to become a retail and also restaurant magnet referred in order to as Crossings.

Ironically, an additional priority can be drought-resistant landscaping. The idea provides one of your coolest parks.

Across the clearing as well as in the shade involving trees, a group regarding Cub Scouts laugh, squeal along with discover outdoor skills. Layoffs had been involved. Since then, the particular park only has gotten better.

Still, Fountain Valley is actually weathering its financial storm. The Actual area includes a general fund regarding $70 million. with meteorologists previously declaring a powerful El Niño winter is truly a possibility, Hall has made that work any priority.

Looking in a giant wall map, Hall smiles and also taps his finger on the triangle involving property just north in the freeway and also west of the river. "Small boutique shops, incubator restaurants exactly where chefs can experiment.

"One regarding the challenges we have," the particular area manager offers, "is concerning the opportunities we now have for the future."


This is section of an ongoing series highlighting each Orange County city.


City Manager Bob Hall calls your park Fountain Valley's activity center, the actual community's front porch. And Also one of the actual items that will attract those moms and also dads are generally activity opportunities over the river.

After your crash inside 2008, their state Legislature canceled redevelopment agencies. We agree developments for example Crossings might help. "I believe Orange County is definitely certainly one of the most extremely educated, prosperous places inside the world."

After I leave Area Hall, I go back to Mile Square Park with regard to an additional visit


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